February 3, 2020 @ 11:43 PM

Mastodon Farm in Clayton, MI is seeking a reliable individual with an interest in sustainable agriculture for the Summer of 2020.  I work in the Organic industry and travel anywhere from 2-5 days per week, mostly from July-Sept.  I need somebody who wants to stay at the farm and keep an eye on things while I'm away.  I raise cows, chickens and pigs (may discontinue the pigs), keep bees, and produce vegetables.  I'm developing more perennial fruits and mushroom production.  
- At minimum, I need someone who will be able to stay at the farm during the days that I'm out of town.  I will compensate mileage and a small stipend for the days spent at the farm.  
- At maximum, I would take on a full-time house mate and offer free room & board in exchange for help around the farm.  If the individual is interested in production farming, they would be welcome to use land and other resources to develop their own enterprises and keep the profit.  Minimum length of stay would be July-Sept (3 months), maximum length would be June-Oct (5 months).  Potential for continuation depending on the circumstances.  
There are many different production systems and homesteading activities taking place on the farm.  Education, training, and first-hand experience available for anything of interest to the applicant. 
Lodging options:
- Spare bedroom with full bath
- Finished basement with kitchen and half bath
- Airstream trailer or tent camping on the property or at Lake Hudson State Park
The farm is located in a quiet part of Lenawee County just North of the Ohio border, 5 miles Southwest of Adrian MI.  1 hour from Toledo, Jackson, Ann Arbor and Detroit airport.  1.5 hours to Lansing and downtown Detroit.  Lake Hudson State Park is a 5 minute drive and it has fishing, hiking, hunting, beach, camping, etc.  
No experience is necessary but the individual must be RELIABLE and have an interest in sustainable farming or homesteading.  
Please email Patrick at Paddy.MastodonFarm@gmail.com.  See Mastodon Farm in the MOFFA Farm Guide for more details about the farm.