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MOFFA's Guide to Michigan's Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms


When the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA) first published Eating Organically in 1999, it was one of Michigan’s earliest guides to organic and local foods.  This is our seventh edition, and the first to be primarily electronic.  (Jump to the map or the indexes.)

The Guide has 143 listings for farmers and growers, including 87 Certified Organic farms.  This is not a complete list of all businesses offering local, sustainably grown foods in Michigan—we have only included those growers who made information available to us.  If your operation is not listed and you would like to be included in the guide, please contact us, or go ahead and submit an application online, or download the form and send it in by mail.  Listing is free, and MOFFA membership is not required.  USDA Organic Certification is not required, but we do ask you to confirm that you are growing in a sustainable manner by signing the Michigan Farmer's Pledge.  If your farm or business is listed in the guide but the information is incorrect, please let us know.  If you'd like to nominate a farm for inclusion in the guide, you can do that here

Because we know people are looking for quality foods grown or raised without toxic chemicals, hormones or antibiotics, in ways that protect the earth and support local communities, we have included notes from farms or businesses that describe their approach and philosophy.  All businesses in the guide have documented their commitment to growing practices that are consistent with USDA National Organic Program (NOP) requirements for organic certification, as expressed in the Michigan Farmer's Pledge.

Farm Guide Cover The guide is also available on paper at moffa.net/farm-guide-book.html.  The most recent paper version represents a snapshot of the guide as of May 11, 2020 If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies, please contact us.  We are hoping to make a Kindle version of the guide available soon, as well as smaller regional editions that you can download and print for yourself.  As always, the most recent farm information will be found in the online version.

Throughout the Guide, MOFFA leaf indicates that the farm is a member of MOFFA.  USDA Organic Badge highlights Certified Organic operations, and pledge symbol means that they have signed the Farmer's Pledge.


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Although we have reviewed these listings, MOFFA has not verified or validated the farm and business information.  We suggest you call before you go.  We include details about farm products, locations, business hours, etc. based on information provided by the businesses, but these details can change week-to-week, during a season, or from year to year.