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MOFFA's Farm Guide: A Guide to Michigan's Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms.  When the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance first published Eating Organically in 1999, it was one of Michigan’s earliest guides to organic and local foods.  This is our seventh edition, and the first to be primarily electronic.  This paper version represents a snapshot of the guide as of May 11, 2020




The Organic Movement in Michigan.  Maynard Kaufman, who was present at the creation of both Organic Growers of Michigan (1973) and MOFFA (1992), has edited a book about the history of the organic movement in Michigan, with contributions from fifteen of those who were involved in the movement over the past 45 years.  The 19 chapters in the book encompass a wide variety of information: historical summaries of the major organic organizations, reports on various organic activities, and essays about the past, present and future of organic farming. They provide a record of both successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, such as the fatal encounter of OGM with the Federal program for organic certification.  More information about the book, including capsule reviews, is available at michiganorganic.org/the-book/.





We distribute our fact sheets at conferences and other places where people gather to share their interest in growing and eating in ways that are healthy for people and for the earth.  They are formatted to be printed on letter size paper and folded in thirds like a brochure.  Anyone is welcome to download them and distribute them wherever it seems appropriate, as long as you print them in color and do not make any changes or additions.






MOFFA publishes a quarterly newsletter, Michigan Organic Connections, and has done since our founding nearly 30 years ago.  Recent issues may be viewed at www.moffa.net/moffa-newsletter.html, and earlier issues (1990-2010) are available at moffaorganic.org/newsletters/moffa/.  The newsletter currently is sent to more than 1,800 email addresses four times each year, and paper copies are mailed to members who aren't able to receive email.  You can add yourself to the list at www.moffa.net/subscribe-to-email-list.html.