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Upcoming Educational Opportunities:

  • Anytime:
    • SARE 2018 Conference: Our Farms, Our Future.  All conference materials available as video, podcasts, and posters.
    • ATTRA Tutorials – self-guided and comprehensive multi-lesson tutorials in Scaling Up for Regional Markets, Pest Management, Farm Business Planning & Marketing for Beginnners, and Getting Started in Farming.
    • USDA Science & Technology Training Library – contains hundreds of archived webinars on Bioenergy, Conservation, Forestry, and Sustainable Forests.  Lists of upcoming webinars are also available on the site.
    • Farmer-to-Farmer Podcast with Chris Blanchard.  "Chris is a veteran farmer and educator who draws on over 25 years of experience to get at the big ideas and practical details that go into making a farm work.  Whether his guests are discussing employment philosophy or the best techniques for cultivating carrots, his down-to-earth conversations with experienced farmers - and the occasional non-farmer - will be time well spent."
    • Summaries of presentations at the 2016 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium are now available online at http://eorganic.info/node/16778. Many of the workshops and keynote presentations were recorded live and may be viewed via the eOrganic YouTube channel.
    • Recorded presentations and associated materials from the Bionutrient Association's Soil & Nutrition Conferences over the past several years.  Too many well-known names to list, connecting the dots between healthy soils, healthy people, and a healthy planet.
    • Videos and presentations from the 2017 National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health sessions are now available.

Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference – February 4-6

The Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference brings together farmers and gardeners from across Michigan to learn and connect. One ticket gets you access to the full suite of 2022’s conference, including:
pre-recorded conference sessions you can view at your own pace, both before and after the conference.
downloadable slide decks and transcripts (when possible), a five-day live conference from Feb 2–6, offering a chance to connect with fellow attendees and ask questions of session presenters. All live sessions will be recorded and posted for later viewing, additional resources from sponsors and vendors, all available from one site, one-year access to all the above materials so you can revisit the sessions and resources as needed throughout the year, access is per-computer/per-farm so more than one person can make use of the ticket.

Organic Seed Growers Conference – February 4-11

The Organic Seed Growers Conference is a biennial gathering by and for agroecological seed communities in the U.S. and across the world. The event creates spaces where experienced and emerging seed stewards can convene timely conversations, educational trainings, and strategy sessions. The gathering serves as a conduit for making new connections and catching up with old friends, networking across organic seed communities, sharing knowledge with other participants, and celebrating the growing movement. Organizers curate a conference agenda that reflects the multifaceted needs of seed growers and advocates, no matter the ease or discomfort of the topics. The goal of the Organic Seed Growers Conference is to inspire individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses to take actions that support and improve the integrity of the philosophical and practical systems that make up the organic seed movement and trade. 
The 2022 conference will be held virtually on the Organic Seed Commons platform and include both live and pre-recorded content, and plenty of opportunities for participants to network and skill-share with one another. The conference is the largest organic seed event in the U.S. and will be an all-virtual event for the first time, providing an eight-day agenda of demonstrations, farm tours, lightning talks, art, regional meetups, regional/topical/affinity synergy spaces, keynote presentations, and celebration. Register here.

Rooted and Rising, OEFFA Annual Conference, February 12, 17–19, 2022

Save the date for OEFFA’s 43rd annual conference, Rooted and Rising, set for Saturday, February 12 online and Thursday, February 17-Saturday, February 19, 2022 in Dayton. 
We are planning for hybrid conference event, which will offer you the best of both worlds, and registration will open by December. Watch this page for more information as the big event comes together!  

Michigan Family Farms Conference – March 16-19

MIFFS Hands LogoSave the Date for the 18th Annual Michigan Family Farms Conference brought to you by MIFFS
March 16-19, 2022
After taking a year off, we are excited to gather again (virtually) for the Michigan Family Farms Conference on March 16-19! This year’s conference, Growing Back Stronger, will be presented over multiple days streaming live from www.miffs.org.  
The Michigan Family Farms Conference is a forum for beginning, small-scale, and culturally diverse farmers to network, learn, and build sustainable family farms. The conference celebrates rural and urban producers with diverse production methods, cultures, and backgrounds. It is designed to help build equity for immigrant, multicultural, limited resource, Indigenous, and beginning farmers and veterans in the Great Lakes region.
We invite you to check back in here as the planning committee finalizes plans for workshops, storytelling, breakout discussions, and more!  During the planning process, we would like your help: we are looking for award nominations to be a part of our next conference and would like to hear from you! Follow the link to submit your nomination and register for the conference here.