February 28, 2012 @ 7:55 PM

The following list of bee equipment is for sale.  The equipment is  in excellent condition. I am not interested in selling by pieces.  Asking price: $3,000.00 OBO.

12 frame stainless steel radial extractor-1/3HP motor (holds 24 shallow frames
Wooden stand for extractor
Honey 2" gate valve, threaded steel
Kelly stainless steel holding tank with heater-40 gallon capacity
Kelly stainless steel grocer tank with heater
36" Dadant stainless steel capping tank
one pair of stainless steel capping basket
Wax melter-1500 watt heater, separator, stand; stainless steel
5 cases of 100% beeswax foundations with wire-#124 100SH brood foundation
5 cases of 100% beeswax foundations with wire-#120 100SH

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