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24 Feb 2013


A Guide to Michigan's Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms

One of the more valuable resources that MOFFA has produced in the last two decades is a publication titled “Eating Organically” The booklet has gone thru at least two revisions, the last being in 2008. Currently a workgroup has been formed with the sole task of updating this guide as both a hardcopy edition as well as an on-line version to be posted on the MOFFA website.
The booklet has been renamed to be more inclusive yet still convey the inherent principles of the MOFFA mission statement. The new title will be “A Guide to Michigan’s Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms”.
This first version will focus solely on growers.  Future appendices will list and describe other resources i.e. farm markets, restaurants, retail outlets, distributors, suppliers, etc.  We of the work group felt an imperative need to have growers listed by county for the upcoming 2013 season – this will be quite an extensive list in and of itself as witnessed by committee members' current research.
Of great assistance to us in our work will be the submission of the information requested on our Grower Information Form by any grower who wishes to be included in the new guide.  Our website contains both a copy of the Grower Information Form which you may download and print, and an interactive form which can be filled out directly on the website.  Interested growers can also request a form be sent to them by calling

Although we have farmer/grower names, more information is necessary to make this guide accurate and to assure that growers included are utilizing practices that focus on sustainable soil biology.  While organic certification is not a steadfast requirement, an accurate description of each farm's growing practices is necessary for the committee to determine inclusion.  Conventional farms will not be included.
Please take a few moments to complete the form. This will greatly assist us in offering to the public a resource to support organic agriculture in Michigan.
Thank You – The MOFFA Workgroup