• Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance (MOFFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally sound and socially just organic food and farming systems. Since 1992, MOFFA has been promoting public awareness for the need of decentralized, secure, unadulterated, and humane methods and programs to nutritionally feed all of us. MOFFA was one of the first organizations in Michigan and the nation to actively promote these principles.
  • MOFFA welcomes new members to join us and get involved in creating a better food system for Michigan. Our members include organic and ecologically sustainable farmers, food coops, educators, environmentalists, food businesses, food and farm activists and concerned citizens throughout Michigan and elsewhere.



  • Promoting organic agriculture and the development and support of food systems that revitalize and sustain local communities.




  • At a time when increased industrialization of our food system has concentrated control of this system into fewer hands, degraded the environment and profaned the human spirit, organic agriculture restores wellness in people, community and the earth. MOFFA teaches and advocates that local organic food systems create the necessary connections between healthy people, communities and the earth.