The Organic Movement in Michigan
A Work in Progress

Maynard Kaufman, who was present at the creation of both Organic Growers of Michigan (1973) and MOFFA (1991), is working on a book about the history of organic in Michigan.

Twenty people who were involved in the growth of organic agriculture in the state have agreed to write chapters about the activities they were involved in.  At present (early February 2017) the book is nearly complete; we are still waiting for three of chapters to be completed.  We hope to publish the book in time for MOFFA's annual meeting in April, which will also be a celeberation of MOFFA's 25th Anniversary.  An outline of the book, with the names of those who have agreed to contribute, is here.  For more information about the book, please email Julia Christianson.

Other Historical Resources

Maynard Kaufman and Judy Yaeger sat down in the summer of 2010 to talk about the origins of Organic Growers of Michigan, MOFFA's parent organization.  You can watch the video here.

MOFFA's more recent Annual Reports and Newsletters are onlinewe plan to bring older reports and newsletters online as we have time. 

Maynard has written a few pages about the history of MOFFA from 1991-2004; In 2012 George Bird brought it up to date through MOFFA's 20th year.  

A report on the state of organic farming in Michigan in 2006, by Jim Bingen, Carol Osborne, and Emily Reardon.

A report on Community Supported Agriculture in 2002 by Laura B. DeLind, a follow-up to her 1998 study,  The Many Faces of Community Supported Agriculture.