February 13, 2020 @ 12:33 PM

We The People Opportunity Center is looking to hire a farm manager the upcoming 2020 season. 
● Collaborate with Executive Director to establish planting schedule for each unique growing
● Collaborate with Board Members and Executive Director to plan long-term development
● Direct and coordinate production activities such as planting, irrigation, cultivation, pest and
disease management, harvest, post-harvest handling, payroll, and recordkeeping
● Assist with farmworker hiring process
● Enforce safety regulations and farm policies
● Collect sales data for appropriate crop planning in future seasons
● Operate as the main contact for vendors to arrange harvest and delivery
● Maintain accurate records of production and farm management practices, and prepare
financial and operational reports
● Perform annual soil analysis and develop amendment plan for maximizing soil health
● Maintain farm equipment. Conduct regular inspections and perform appropriate
maintenance. Inspect fields to determine maturity dates of crops and to assess potential crop
damage from weather
● Communicate to the Board or appropriate staff, all equipment & supply purchases related to
maintenance of crops
● Evaluate financial statements and makes budget proposals
● Assist with marketing and outreach efforts
● An Associate’s and/or Bachelor's degree in a related field, or 2 years of agricultural and business
management experience
● Experience working in a team environment with demonstrated leadership skills
● A proven record of success in crop production and/or sales
● Experience with organic farming practices
● A passion for establishing and maintaining high quality policies and practices
● An interest in, and understanding of, working with men and women returning home from
incarceration (preferably based on experience)
● Demonstrable skills with general tools and small scale farming equipment
● Valid driver's license and transportation are a must
● Understanding of socio-economic, racial and equity issues as they relate to food systems
Hours & Compensation:
  • $15 per hour
  • 20 hours per week upon hire; 20-30 hours per week April through October.
  • Hours in November through March for assessment, planning, community building, and program
  • development to be determined.
  • Perks (such as free vegetables, flexible scheduling, and transportation or cell phone stipend(s)) to be
  • negotiated
To Apply:
Email resume, cover letter and list of potential references* to wtpgagrowers@gmail.com by 5 p.m.,
Monday, March 2, 2020 Questions? Call (734) 757-5067