February 25, 2019 @ 12:47 AM

Urbandale Farm has been a successful model of urban agriculture for the past eight years and due to changes in the food system landscape in Lansing, and we seek a new vision for the next phase of the farm’s operation. The Lansing Urban Farm Project (LUFP) (501c3) is seeking an experienced farmer, farmers, or farm program to manage, develop, and conduct agricultural operations at Urbandale Farm, including growing produce for the local community while maintaining access to the farm for educational purposes. The selected applicant will enter into a negotiated, three-year, contractual agreement with LUFP, with the opportunity for renewal upon successful completion and mutual agreement.

LUFP, the farm’s parent organization, is excited to offer this unique opportunity to farmers and others passionate about urban farming. Please consider submitting a proposal. The extended deadline for submissions is March 15th. For more information view the RFP, or contact Jeno Rivera at lansingurbandale@gmail.com.