June 15, 2018 @ 11:17 AM

Hi there! My name is Sara and I am looking for a seasonal or full-time position beginning as soon as possible, ideally in Central/South East MI. I’m a Michigan native but have spent the last 10+ years in Virginia. I’ve farmed for close to 5 years with two operations: Broadfork Farm, a ~ 2-acre vegetable and cut flower farm that also baked bread, and Shalom Farms, a non-profit organization whose 6-acre farm helped supply food insecure residents with vegetables. At Broadfork I worked first as a volunteer, then did a year-long apprenticeship, and in 2017 was their Harvest Manager -- directly overseeing staff and volunteers on harvest days through the picking, processing, and packing for a 100 person CSA, multiple farmers markets, and wholesale accounts. I worked for Shalom for 2 years as their Volunteer and Education Coordinator - we hosted over 5,000 volunteers annually, and it was my job to schedule them, set them up at the farm, and work with them to help us harvest, plant, and tend to our crops. I ran my own medicinal herb garden for close to a year, selling wholesale to local medicine makers and herbalists in the Richmond, Virginia community, as well as making my own line of infused oils, tinctures, and teas.

I’m moving back home to help out my sister, who has cancer. I’m looking for full time OR part-time work. If you have housing available, that is a bonus! I am interested in continuing to expand my farming knowledge and am open to working with livestock, though I do not have much experience. When not farming, I enjoy strong coffee, yoga (I just finished my 200-hour certification to teach!), and cooking. I am one year sober from alcohol and would prefer a work environment where alcohol is not a large part of the day.

Please feel free to reach out: sara.schmatz@gmail.com -- if you have any opportunities available! I’d love to chat with you.