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13 Feb 2013

Everybody Eats 2.0

Dozens of public and private efforts – farms, farmers markets, gardens, food hubs, coops, restaurants, numerous nonprofits – are working to make Lansing’s food system more self-sustaining and equitable. These projects attend to health, nutrition (e.g., obesity) and food access, especially among under-served populations. Many projects pay particular attention to the production and consumption of fresh, locally-raised or locally-processed foods.

As we reshape the food and farming landscape within the Lansing area, it is important to consider the processes being used as well as the policies being developed. If we are serious about equity and sustainability, then concerns of land ownership (and resource distribution generally) are as important as concerns of land use. Labor relations are as critical as food quality. Neighborhood stability and place-making are as important as food availability. Civic engagement – personal and collective empowerment – is as critical as physical infrastructure and economic accountability.

These interests need to be a part of on-going public conversations if we are to build and maintain an inclusive, democratic, and ethical food system. “Everybody Eats 2.0” is here to jump-start the conversation.

For more information see http://www.every-body-eats.com/