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12 Oct 2012

Tools a Big Consideration for Small-Scale Producers

October 25 webinar will help you find the right tools and use them correctly

Small-scale crop producers often face challenges in finding ways to increase production and efficiency in the field. Not having the right tool for the job, using a tool incorrectly or at the wrong time, or not properly maintaining a tool can negatively impact production and costs. These negative impacts include affecting soil conditions and crop health in ways that can result in unfavorable crop quality or yields as well as increased labor costs.

Our October 25 webinar, "Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production" will focus on tools and techniques for small-scale crop production. National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) Agriculture Specialist Andy Pressman will discuss the importance of investing in high quality and well designed tools and their use for properly planting and maintaining crops.
Participants will learn about tools for direct seeding as well as how working correctly with tools can increase efficiency when hoeing the long row. Andy also will provide information on maintaining tools and resources for tools for small-scale agriculture.
The hour-long webinar is being broadcast by NCAT and is funded by ATTRA-National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, which NCAT developed and manages through a cooperative agreement with the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service.
Title: Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production
Date: October 25, 2012
Time: 11 a.m. MDT
To register: Click here https://attra.ncat.org/tools
Presenter: NCAT Agriculture Specialist Andy Pressman has a background in sustainable systems design and agroecology and works in the fields of organic crop production, urban agriculture, and farm energy. Andy and is family operate Foggy Hill Farm, a small diversified farm located in southern New Hampshire.