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12 Jun 2012

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for

Organic and Sustainable Farms Webinar

Free but please register


IPM for Organic farmers-web tools, scouting and smart pest management

June 21, Thursday from 2-3:30 EST 

·        Are you a bit nervous about the pests that may attack your crops this year?

·        Do you have your scouting plan ready?

·        Do you know how to calculate degree days for the key pests in your field?

If these questions have you thinking then perhaps you should join us for a webinar on understanding and setting up an IPM program for your farm!!  All smart farmers scout their fields to be ready for pest occurrences, but especially organic farmers who use multiple tools to manage pests. Having a good idea if and when insects will attack is the first step to smart pest management. 

We hope that you can join us for this 1.5 hour webinar on Thursday, June 21 from 2-3:30.

To view program use Adobe Connect Meeting http://connect.msu.edu/msuorganicipm/(copy and paste this link in your browser)

If you cannot attend the live presentation the webinar will be available for later viewing on www.MichiganOrganic.msu.edu website after the program. 

The North Central SARE program is sponsoring this webinar that will be presented by Beth Bishop, Michigan State University's Enviro Weather Coordinator. She will share how to set up a sound Integrated Pest Management program for your farm and use online tools to assist you to predict pest outbreaks.

This year will likely be challenging to all farmers in the Midwest, given the mild winter and early heat spell, triggering perennials to bloom too early and allowing overwintering insects and diseases to survive in the soil.

Beth Bishop, Enviro-Weather coordinator will share how to use this great online tool to predict insect flights as well as steps toward a sound Integrated Pest Management program for your farm. Sample IPM plans will be shared for three model crops; corn, apples and tomatoes.

Presenter will be Beth Bishop. Program coordinator is Vicki Morrone.  If you have any questions please contact her at sorrone@msu.edu.

To join the meeting on June 21 at 2 pm EST Click on this link:

http://connect.msu.edu/msuorganicipm/(copy and paste in your browser)

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