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21 Jul 2011

Areas of Responsibility:

Mail, Telephone, Email

  Retrieve the U.S. Mail from a Lansing post office box.  Handle and process all USPS mail, MOFFA email and telephone messages every other business day. (Monday –Wednesday –Friday) and forward to the appropriate Board members or committees.  Chair or Co-Chairs are to be copied.


Familiarize oneself with the financial infrastructure of MOFFA in order to assist the treasurer and bookkeeper with their duties and obligations. Basic knowledge of quick books is required. The end goal of this tutelage is to share some of the MOFFA financial responsibilities, which will be determined by the board of directors at the appropriate time.


Manage and maintain the MOFFA membership database (currently in Microsoft Excel); process all renewals and new memberships in coordination with the membership committee. Support membership committee with annual mass-mailing for membership drive.


MOFFA Board Meetings

In collaboration with Board Officers, prepare materials for the Board meetings and attend scheduled meetings.  Report to the Executive Committee on operational affairs that call for further action by the board.


Website and Electronic Newsletter

Keep website up to date; calendar postings, etc., board information, add financial documents. Familiarity with Word press or other applicable software required.

Compile, assist with editing and format a Bi-Monthly (every other month) electronic newsletter, and producing hardcopies when necessary for those members requesting a hard copy.  Keep track of members for a mailed copy.  Print mailing labels and mail newsletters


MOFFA Merchandise: Books, Tote Bags

Manage and maintain the inventory of books, tote-bags and other items offered for sale at the MOFFA display in conjunction with the exhibit committee. 


Conditions of Employment

The MOFFA Office Administrator will be an independent, hourly contractor paid by MOFFA at a flat rate of $12.00  per hour   (This status does not include any benefits, and the contractor for hire will be responsible for handling their own Social Security payments, taxes, etc.,).  The pay rate is flexible upward dependent on performance and skill set.

It is expected that the position requires approximately 10-15 hours per week, but not to exceed 60 hours per month, without the written approval of the MOFFA Board.  More hours per week may be needed to assist with the annual Organic Conference, or other special events (exhibit support).

The Office Administrator will need to provide adequate office space for the necessary MOFFA files, supplies related to membership duties, etc., and the usage of the MOFFA computer, printer and photocopy machine.  A personal phone will be utilized to retrieve MOFFA phone messages.  All property owned by MOFFA will be collected upon cancellation of the Contract. 

The Administrator will maintain an Excel record for documentation of weekly activities, with time log, and provide this record to the MOFFA Treasurer via email on the second and fourth Friday of each month, for payment by the Treasurer on the following Friday.

The MOFFA Office Administrator Memorandum of Agreement can be terminated by the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance or the Contractor, in writing with 30-day notice.

Please e-mail cover letter and resume to

A summary of the position responsibilities and instructions for application can be downloaded here.

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