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30 Dec 2010

The Greater Lansing Food Bank has announced a local food's conference to be held on February 17, 2011. The conference is titled "Growing Our Food System: Nourishing Our People, II.”This is their second conference meant to bring folks involved and interested in our local food systems to discuss how we might strengthen and enhance it for everyone – from farm to table. Last year’s conference had nearly 150 attendees representing food pantries, growers, policy makers, retailers, institutional kitchens and wholesalers. We want to continue and expand the conversations and the circle and would relish your involvement.


This event is coordinated by the Greater Lansing Food Bank, but the planning team has included representatives from City of Lansing, Capital Region Community Foundation, Ingham County/MSU Extension, Ingham County Health Department, Allen Neighborhood Center, Northwest Initiative, Lansing City Market, Michigan Farmers Market Association, Clinton Memorial Hospital Foundation, MidMichigan Food Bank and others. Please contact Terry Link to be put on a mailing list to stay abreast of developments and get meeting materials.


Terry Link, Executive Director

Greater Lansing Food Bank\

P.O. Box 16224

Lansing, MI 48901

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