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Composting Field Day and Workshop
11 Aug 2010

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Many organic farmers are looking for ways to build soil quality that would provide better
yields. Morgan Composting Inc is teaming with Michigan State University to present a
program like no other. This two day event, August 18th and 19th will be taking place to
give farms answers to many soil, pest, and production questions.

This conference will be held in Sears, Michigan, Wednesday and Thursday, August 18th,
and 19th, 2010. The two day event will include Keynote speaker Jerry Brunetti, highly
recognized both nationally and internationally on topics that include soil fertility, animal

nutrition and livestock health. Brunetti?s connect-the-dots system approach helps farmers
and ranchers understand how the health of people and their communities are linked to
healthy land, healthy animals and healthy produce.

Other topics being highlighted this year during the workshop include Integrated Pest
Management, Community Supported Agriculture, Farmers Market Marketing, Organic
Certification, the organic Market Forecast for Fall 2010, Urban gardening, Organic Turf
Management, and Season Extension.

This year we will also be offering a family discount. The cost is $120 which includes
admission for 4 family members, with complete childcare. We are offering this service
so that future generations can get hands on experience, and grow your family business
together. This is the first time to be offered, so please take advantage, but do not abuse so
we can continue this in the future.

We will also be having an evening discussion to explore opportunities in Michigan on
Farm-to-School. This discussion will be faciliated by Colleen Matts, CS Mott Group’s
Farm to School Outreach Specialist.
We will focus on ways to integrate farm in your public school system, and educate
future generations of the importance that food has on their everyday lives. This bonfire
discussion is open to everyone, and is no additional cost.

Cost for this event is $25 per day, both days for $40, or the family package for $120.
To register go online at, or by mail, payable to MSU Extension, 301
W. Upton, Reed City, MI 49667.
Take advantage of this great educational event, and come see where health begins.
For more information call Morgan’s Composting and talk to Alyson at (231) 734-2451,
or visit us online at

Download a brochure here.

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