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25 Jan 2022

REAL Organic Symposium

The REAL ORGANIC SYMPOSIUM starts this Sunday.
If you care about the food you eat or the environment and want to learn more about:

The possible loss of 140 New England organic dairy farms and how to save them.

Real Organic food and the Real Organic Project.

Why this matters for our health and nutrition.  

The connection to the health of our soil, communities, and climate.

Please join the Real Organic Symposium to hear leading farmers, scientists, journalists, environmental activists, chefs, and authors address the importance of reclaiming the integrity and transparency of our food system.
Speakers include Michael Pollan, Paul Hawken, Leah Penniman, Vandana Shiva, Dan Barber, Joan Gussow, Eliot Coleman, Senator John Tester, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, David Bronner, Linley Dixon, as well as many deeply articulate farmers.
The Symposium is on Sunday, January 30, and Sunday, Feb 6 from 3-5 PM, but can be viewed anytime after for 3 months. There will be a special 45-minute session on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 6 PM featuring Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield and Dave Chapman of the Real Organic Project discussing the efforts to save the 89 organic family dairy farms being dropped by Danone/Horizon. 
Watch a short preview by clicking here or buy tickets at  Real Organic symposium 2022.