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31 Dec 2020

See You In 2022!

During our September meeting, the MOFFA Board made the decision to not host in-person Organic Intensives as originally planned on January 9. We will seek to reschedule a day with Jean Martin Fortier on Market Gardening for 2022. Our perception is that there are multiple on-line opportunities to learn about organic market farming that are affordable and a good return on investment. In recent newsletters we have identified some of the online/electronic opportunities. Our OI priority has been to offer live and in-person learning opportunities and although we will not be able to do that this January, we hope to be able to plan for farm tours in the summer of 2021. 

Each year we have offered one of the Organic Intensives with speakers and content that would benefit homesteaders and serious gardeners as well as farmers. Our plan for 2021 included a session to support a new cohort of organic gardeners and those looking to grow some of their own food, perhaps for the first time due to current conditions. However, our session planned for the topic on organic gardening we will instead be developing as a set of recorded presentations to be made broadly available. The date of availability is yet to be determined. 
MOFFA Board members are excited about working on and developing these presentations. As always, we welcome the ideas and help of MOFFA farmer and gardener members and future members.  In the meantime, keep safe and healthy.