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10 Nov 2020

Fresh Off the Press!

The 2020 paper edition of MOFFA's Guide to Michigan's Organic and Ecologically Sustainable Growers and Farms is available from our website. The Farm Guide has always been a useful resource for growers and consumers, but its importance has been amplified by recent events.  Consumers can use this guide to find who in their area may be producing organic vegetables in CSA shares or livestock feed; growers are able to find neighbors who may have experience to share or want to collaborate on large orders of supplies. 

“I am currently on the farm directory and someone in my area contacted me about helping them set up a pollinator preserve on an old farm! I’m excited for that opportunity and glad that my listing on your site made the connection possible.”
—Patrick Madden, Mastodon Farm
“The MOFFA Farm Guide is my go-to resource to find the best produce for my family no matter where I am in the state of Michigan. I want to make sure I support my family's health, the environment, and the Michigan farmers that work tirelessly to ensure we have access to these invaluable resources!”
— Stacey Wilcox, Consumer, Advocate and Concerned Citizen
The farm guide is available online in an electronic format. The online version, where farmers and growers are indexed by region, county, name of farm and products, is always being updated as we gather more listings or when something needs to be changed.
If you are an organic, ecologically sustainable, farmer or grower, please consider listing your operation in our Farm Guide.