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16 Jun 2020

BIPOC Producers – Sowing the Seeds of Liberation

US agriculture’s roots in colonization and enslavement mean that Black and Indigenous and communities of color still have limited access to capital, financial support, and markets—this is changing, slowly but surely, thanks to the work of food and farm organizations, leaders and communities that are dismantling racism and white supremacy, and imagining alternate ways to be in relationship with land, nature and each other.   Join us to hear from some of these leaders and HEAL members in our upcoming webinar
What: A discussion based on the second plank of HEAL’s Platform for Real Food, Opportunity for all Producers. The webinar will address:  
  • How the legacy of colonization and enslavement has shaped the US food and farm system today
  • Challenges and opportunities faced by farmers and fishers who are Black, Indigenous and People of color (BIPOC).
  • Ways to support BIPOC transforming our food and farm system
Victoria Quevedo, La Semilla Food Center 
Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
Sonia Galiber, Soil Generation
Roberto Nutlouis, Black Mesa Water Coalition
Ricardo Salvador, Union of Concerned Scientists
When: Thursday, June 18th at 1pm EST / 12pm CT / 11amMT / 10am PT