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18 Mar 2020

Are you Concerned About Lost Income from COVID-19?

OEFFA Can Help Farmers Receive Zero Interest, Zero Fee Loans from Kiva.  Social distancing strategies intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) are already closing farmers' markets, schools, restaurants, and events. As the farming season begins to pick up, continued closures and reduced market attendance could have significant, negative economic consequences for farmers who rely on sales into local markets (including direct-to-consumer and restaurant sales). This uncertainty comes just as farmers are buying supplies for the year, paying their certification fees, and hiring help for the season. If you need help bridging the gap this year, click here to learn more about how OEFFA may be able to help you receive a zero interest, zero fee loan through Kiva. You can also contact OEFFA at (614) 421-2022 or kivatrustee@oeffa.org for more information or encouragement.