December 5, 2019 @ 11:33 AM

Offering affordable/sustainable housing in Southwest Michigan.  Established in 2011, Earthen Heart LLC now offers a private room in the main house for $250/month (a "co-use" fee that helps cover operating costs).  You will be part of a core group that attends to basic homestead activities (rather than trying to do everything by oneself).  There is potential to discuss becoming a co-owner/member of Earthen Heart LLC (the property and business) after one year of paying co-use.  This arrangement is for people who prefer to live simple and connected with nature and have some source of modest income off site.  Personal transportation is extremely helpful as well.  There are opportunities to generate income on-site through various forms of agricultural, medicinal and food related businesses, but that will take time for an individual to establish.  You are expected to share common spaces and live in community with others that share the property.  Air BnB rentals during peak tourism months create an opportunity to generate income should an individual show capacity and interest in this Air BnB business.  Full access to extensive gardens, ponds, food trails, blueberries, etc. is part of the arrangement as well.  Contact Julian Lauzzana at (269) 539-7378 or for more information!